I am a writer and editor.

I curate The Interface Project www.interfaceproject.org.

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Interview: Bree Sutherland / Montana, USA | MICRO RAINBOW INTERNATIONAL

We know that when a young trans person is ordered to divorce themselves from their identity they are vulnerable to isolation, and if the child is not already born into poverty, then isolation becomes one of the first steps toward poverty, and one of the main ingredients in keeping them there.

Health care providers expand their world view all the time. Indeed, the truest thing I’ve experienced in this work is that compassion – like principles of psychotherapy – can be taught and learned in equal measure.

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Interview: Ja'Leah Shavers / New Orleans, USA | MICRO RAINBOW INTERNATIONAL

I work for my community whether I’m “at work” or not because it’s my life. Whether I’m answering emails, representing BreakOUT! at an action, or I’m out experiencing the world as an LGBTIQI-identifying person. Living my work helps me help others effectively because it’s life and death for me. It’s life and death for my sisters and brothers, for my chosen family, and especially for queer youth living in poverty.