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Jim Ambrose

I am a writer and editor.

I curate The Interface Project. Learn more at interfaceproject.org.

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1217504 manufacturing comfort advocates for informed choice article

Articles like this typically begin with the soul-baring personal story of someone born with intersex traits. The piece moves on to casual conflation of the terms ‘sex’ and ‘gender,’ followed by a dubious quote from a careful surgeon, and then a selectively inaccurate representation of present-day intersex treatment protocols. This formula — paired with the inference that every intersex birth in the U.S. is met with a multidisciplinary team of fair-minded specialists — can lead a casual reader to believe children are no longer arbitrarily sterilized, mutilated, or deceived.

1430342763882 article

Performed and recorded live on October 9, 2014 in Missoula, Montana.

Meah strangechange medium article
I Thought People Like That Were Clip Art | MEDIUM

The Bilerico Project’s photographic interpretation indicates feeble-minded satire not social criticism. Actual Intersex People  —  people born with variations of sex anatomy  —  are not anyone’s cartoonish conception of liminal expression of gender and we refuse to be the spectacle of 'hermaphrodite idealism.'

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So It's Intersex Awareness Day, and What Have We Done? | THE INTERFACE PROJECT

"Indeed, there are almost as many terms for “intersex” as there are intersex people. This abundance of terminology is a tendency we share with many marginalized communities: Language is political because it is personal, and therefore, important."

Screen shot 2014 08 12 at 6.36.11 pm article
Supporting Young People with Intersex Traits | FEMINISTS FOR CHOICE

"The right to self-determination and bodily autonomy has always been a political goal of the intersex community."

Url article
Where Would I Begin? Reflections on the Historic Filing of the Crawford Case | ADVOCATES FOR INFORMED CHOICE

"On May 14, 2013 Advocates for Informed Choice and Southern Poverty Law Center ran a press release announcing the filing of a lawsuit on behalf of a child who was harmed unthinkably, and beyond repair, by a group of adults employed by the state of South Carolina."

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Leveling My Playing Field | TELL US SOMETHING

Performed and recorded live on March 21, 2013 at "Tell Us Something" in Missoula, Montana.

 dsc6081 article
If "Soulsville" Could've Happened Anywhere Else, It Already Would've | IMPOSSIBLE HERMAPHRODITES

"If Soulsville: A Benefit for The Interface Project could have happened anywhere else in the world it would have already. August 2, 2013 saw the community of Missoula, Montana fill the 300-seat MCT Center for the Performing Arts to enjoy some classic soul music, support a local nonprofit, and witness the first celebrity to ever speak publicly in defense of an Intersex person’s right to self-determination."

Max  silence   death article
A (No Longer) Quiet Revolution | THE BILERICO PROJECT

"As brave as these individuals were, their appeals for reason and restraint went largely unheard by the medical community."

Pride foundation1 792x523 article
Intersex: Let's Start with the Basics | PRIDE FOUNDATION

"People ask me why I do this work, and my reply stated simply is because I was born with a body that frightened my parents. I was forced to endure damaging normalizing procedures. I want to see tomorrow’s generation grow up as they are with all futures possible and their bodies untouched by the prejudices I ran into as an infant."